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The International Students Union (ISU) was established as the International Students Programming Board (ISPB), later renamed the International Students Board (ISB), an umbrella student organization promoting cross-cultural understanding and international life by programming, sponsoring, and co-sponsoring international activities. The organization originally functioned as a funding board, with an aim to expand to wider-reaching functions.


11.4% of Cornell's undergraduate student population was composed of international students; however, there was no established student organization to represent the general international population. As it became evident that there was a rising need for international students to have the resources to form a stronger on-campus community, this, as well as the rate of success and interest in ISB’s activities, prompted ISB to pass a resolution in the Student Assembly and expand into the International Students Union (ISU).

2015 - Today

ISB had officially changed its name to ISU, and opened its General Body division to the entire Cornell community. Since then, ISU has not only continued its role as a funding organization, but has also been actively addressing the needs and concerns of international students, particularly by promoting internationalism and advocacy on campus.

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