Advocacy Projects

August, 2017
Foreign Student Employment Program

International students were notified by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment that the program had been defunded, and that they would no longer be able to participate in the Federal Work Study jobs. Thanks to ISU, the Student Assembly, and the overwhelming support shown by the international community, the Foreign Student Employment Program was reinstated by Martha Pollock on August 31st.

November, 2016
Mental Health Awareness Week

ISU has been a participant of Mental Health Awareness Week, held once a year in the fall semester. During this week, ISU provides free postcards and shipping for international students to send letters to their families and friends across the globe. In addition, ISU launched a “You Know You’re International When...” photo campaign in 2016 in order to raise international awareness on campus.

September, 2016
​CPT Work Authorization

The Student Assembly passed a resolution to urge the Economics Department to restore Curricular Practical Training (CPT), a form of work authorization allowing international students to pursue summer internships. Ceasing to grant CPT’s would prevent many international students from starting an initial career in the US.

September, 2015
Financial Aid Campaign

Cornell University changed its financial aid policy from need-blind to need-aware for international students. ISU led a financial aid photo campaign in order to raise awareness for this issue and to showcase the diversity of international students at Cornell.


Spring, 2018
Art Beyond Borders

ISU hosted a student gallery with Cornell Welcomes Refugees to raise awareness for refugee crises. The gallery featured artist and architect Mohamed Hafez, who is famous for his work centered around the Syrian civil war.

Fall, 2017
Noche De Musica

ISU hosted a semi-formal event to raise funds for relief from Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean. All proceeds of the event went towards Agricultural School in Mayaguez to fund agricultural center needs. Hosted in collaboration with the Puerto Rican Student Association, Noche de Musica featured dazzling performances by Sabor Latino, Yamatai and more as the event celebrated international music and dance.

Fall, 2017
Global Social

ISU hosted a social at the Big Red Barn in which students were able to meet new and returning international students from across the Cornell Community and learn about the impact they can have on campus.

Spring, Annually
International Gala

The annual International Gala, held at the Johnson Museum, is one of the largest student organized events on campus, attracting over 2000 attendees every year. During a night full of culture, food, and performances, the Cornell community is given an opportunity to experience and indulge in the celebration of cultures all around the world.

Fall, 2016
Bal de la Rose

ISU hosted an all-white charity gala to raise funds for relief from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Hosted in collaboration with the Haitian Students Association and Theta Delta Chi, there were over 200 attendees, and a total of $2,220 was raised and successfully donate to the Save the Children's Hurricane Matthew Children's Relief Fund.

Spring, 2015
International Film Festival

ISU and Theta Delta Chi co-hosted the International Film Festival. The festival was a one-night screening of live-action and animated short films, celebrating and showcasing the diversity of art and culture all around the world.