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Apply for ISU Funding

Last Updated: Jan, 21, 2020

ISU funds any international-oriented event held on campus. Kindly read the funding requirements below before applying for funding. For more information, please email the VP of Funding Huey Le at

Funding Requirements

1. The organization must be registered under SAFC or GPSAFC.

2. ISU funds accessible events that promote internationalism and allow a diverse group of students to interact.

3. Each organization can be funded for up to 3 events per semester.

4. Events must be open to the Cornell Community. As a result, ISU does not fund events held during university holidays.

5. Events must be non-profit.

6. ISU cannot fund events where a portion of ISU co-sponsorship funds would go to charity. Only operating expenses would be covered. However, a donation box is permitted.

7. ISU does NOT fund durable goods, but we can fund food.

8. ISU usually funds around $3-5 per attendee. However, this number can be subject to other factors.

9. ISU reserves the rights to amend the guidelines.

Funding Procedure

1. Download the Excel Request form for ISU Co-sponsorship.

2. Fill out the form and email it to VP of Funding at This must be done at least 14 days BEFORE the event.

3. **All quotes for any items above $100 should be attached to the email.**

4. Publicity material for the event clearly indicating ISU as a co-sponsor should be attached to the email. All publicity for events funded by ISU must contain our logo (see links below), and include "Co-sponsored by ISU." Failure to do so will result in penalties. ISU asks that this phrase and the ISU logo are included in online and offline publicity material, even if the hearing has not yet taken place. This is because there is a possibility that the hearing may not occur until after the event, especially during high traffic periods. ISU transfers sponsorship money only after seeing publicity which properly indicate ISU as a sponsor. Event blurbs and/or posters can be emailed to, and will be redistributed onto the ISU listserv.

5. ISU will reach out with further details about a hearing timing. Hearings are held weekly on Sundays, 2-3.30pm at WSH 402. The VP of Funding must be informed of any cancellations 24 hours BEFORE the hearing.

6. Please be punctual for the hearing. We do not require you to bring any printouts.

7. ISU will reach out with a decision within 2 days of the hearing.

8. ISU requests thats up to 2 tickets be reserved for our members should we fund your event.​

Please use the following logos for your publicity material: